The best tourist places in Karnataka to be explored with your family -


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The best tourist places in Karnataka to be explored with your family

The best tourist places in Karnataka to be explored with your family

Karnataka is one of the important states in south India and is also one of the best vacation spots. The top 10 best tourist places in Karnataka will be on the bucket list of travelers as the state has the best combination of nature, technology, art, and architectural splendors at the right mix. Let us discuss and explore the top best tourist places in Karnataka here.

Top tourist places to explore in Karnataka:

The geography and the landscape of Karnataka attract both national and international tourists. Karnataka is an ideal destination for a perfect vacation and it is located amid the Western Ghats and is also home to some of the best waterfalls, beaches, forests, lakes, coffee plantations, and also the bounties of nature. The top best tourist places in Karnataka are as follows.

1. Bangalore city

Bangalore is one of the best cities in Karnataka and is a leading cosmopolitan city in India. The city is home to people from diverse cultures, skills, and backgrounds. Bangalore is also a leading IT hub in the country and houses several hardware, software, and telecom companies in India. It is also known as the garden city of the country and has several key attractions such as the Lalbag garden, Wonder La theme park, Tipu Sultan Palace, etc., to name a few. The city enjoys pleasant weather all through the year and it is also a prime destination for summer vacation.

2. Coorg

It is one of the best hill stations in Karnataka, where nature has bestowed her complete elegance. This hill station is less crowded and its lush greenery and nature enhance its scenic beauty to many folds. Coorg is an ideal summer getaway and is filled with aromatic coffee plantations, green mountains, and splendid waterfalls, and breathtaking views. There are also plenty of trekking options for tourists, along with the coffee estates and along the riverside and mountain stretch.

3. Hampi

Hampi is an architectural marvel and is a leading world heritage site, as declared by UNESCO. It is located on the banks of the river Tungabhadra and has the historical remains of the great Vijayanagar Kingdom. The place is filled with stone carvings and rocks, that stand as proof of the skill and mastery of its artisans of the historic era. This is a perfect place for history enthusiasts and there are more than 500 magnificent structures in Hampi.

4. Mysore

Mysore is the city of old charm and is the second biggest city in Mysore. The kings of Mysore ruled Karnataka for hundredths of years, till the 20th century. It is one of the very few cities that still manages to retain its old charm and beauty. It is known for its impressive and grand palaces, temples, gardens, and of course museums. When we talk about the museums in Karnataka, the Chamundeshwari celebrity wax museum occupies a special mention among tourists. We can say that this celebrity wax museum is one of the top 10 best tourist places in Karnataka that is not worth the miss.

The museum has life-size efficacies of famous personalities of the country, where tourists can take pictures and enjoy the day. It is perhaps one of the kinds of wax museums in India, that have been developed just like foreign countries. We can find the life-size statues of national leaders, great personalities, scientists, and movie artists in this wax museum.

5. Jog falls

This is a spectacular fall in Karnataka and is one of the kind in the entire country where waterfalls from a height of about 850 feet about the ground. It is the second tallest fall in India and is a splendid sight to behold. There are steps to climb up to a viewpoint and to have a stunning view of nature at her best.

Bottom Line:

This is just a comprehensive list of the best tourist places in Karnataka. But the list is never-ending and the state is truly a spectacular marvel for travelers and holiday enthusiasts.

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