Best places to explore in Mysore in 2021 -


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Best places to explore in Mysore in 2021

Best places to explore in Mysore in 2021

If you are planning for your vacation in India, the Mysore tourist places should be on your bucket list. Mysore is known as the cultural capital of the Karnataka state and it represents a spectacular amalgamation of cultural richness and historical splendour. Mysore is a true representation of nature and is dotted by beautiful lakes, gardens, and waterfalls. Its tourist places are very popular and offer a unique experience to all visitors. The top best places to visit and explore in Mysore in the year 2021 are as follows.

Top best places to explore in Mysore:

The best tourist places in Mysore range from revered religious places to harmony-inducing scenic sites. If you are still pondering over what are the places to visit in Mysore for a memorable trip, read through.

1. The Mysore Palace or the Amba Vilas palace:

The Mysore Palace or the Amba Vilas palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mysore and it is also referred to as the Mysore Maharaja Palace. It is one of the largest palaces in India and it is decorated with lights during the Dussehra Festival. It was designed by Henry Irwin and was built in the year 1912. The palace is known for its architectural beauty that combines Hindu, Gothic, Muslim, and Rajput styles of architecture. The palace is surrounded by majestic arched gates, beautiful gardens, Lakshmi Ramana Swami temple, and a private Durbar, located within the palace.

2. Chamundi hills:

The Chamundi hills in Mysore are popular for the Chamundeshwari temple and it is also known for its stunning scenic beauty. The Chamundi hills is a well-known place for religious visitors and is an ideal place for those on a spiritual journey. These hills are one of the must-visit places for nature lovers, photographers, and other adventure seekers as well. One can explore the place either by road or through stone stairs and these hills represent a peaceful getaway from the regular city life

3. Krishna Raja Sagara Dam:

This is also referred to as the KRS dam and this was built in the year 1932, during the reign of the Wodeyar Kings. The dam was named after Krishnaraja Wodeyar and the dam is the creation of Sir. M. Vishweshwaraiah. He is considered one of the finest engineers in India. The dam is built over the Cauvery River and it is also one of the first irrigation dams in India. The dam is 130 feet high and has about 152 sluice gates. The dam is 3 km long and it is located 20 km away from the city. It is an iconic sightseeing place that adds to the beauty of the entire area.

4. Somnathpur temple:

This temple is located in Somnathpur, about 35 km away from Mysore. It is one of the finest temples that stand as the testimony of the Hoysala architecture. The temple is located in Trikuta and comprises three shrines. Lord Vishnu is the main deity and was built in the year 1268 in the reign of King Narasimha III. This temple is a heritage site and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. People can visit this temple from 9 to 5:30 at a minimal fee of Rs. 5 for Indian nationals.

5. Mysore zoo:

This zoo is located at a distance of only 2 km from the Mysore Palace. It was established by Wodeyar Bahadur in the year 1892. This zoo is a popular tourist attraction among nature lovers and holds diverse species of animals and birds, that are brought in from more than 40 countries. It is also a popular breeding centre for endangered species from all over the world.

There are several tourist attractions in Mysore, but the Chamundeshwari celebrity wax museum is one of the finest and the latest Mysore tourist places that attracts local, national, and international tourists. The museum holds life-size wax statues of famous personalities including Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Abdul Kalam, Kalpana Chawla, Charlie Chaplin, Bahubali, etc.

Tourists can explore and witness the true life statues of famous personalities and also participate in the museum shows and special events to keep them entertained all through the day. It also has a special dedicated horror house that amazes kids and adults. It is one of the best tourist places in Mysore that offers great entertainment and helps you create memories at an affordable cost.

Bottom Line:

Mysore is one of the finest Indian cities that offers both natural and manmade attractions for a perfect holiday with a family. Visit them with family and friends and enjoy a perfect vacation.

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