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Why Us?

“The wax figures of Carl Lewis and Fidel Castro that I saw in a magazine piqued my interest in working with wax. I learned this on my own, by trial and error. If earlier it took me six months to complete a figure, now it takes not more than 25 days,” says the artist, a diploma-holder in fine arts. The work on a wax figure starts with taking accurate measurements of the person concerned, provided he or she permits. “The complexion, expression, and colour of hair are important and so too are facial features such as shape and size of eyebrows and eyes, the colour of the pupils, cheeks, nose, chin, jaw, forehead…. We use photographs and videos as well. If we can’t get the measurements, we rely on photographs or videos,” he says. Creative process Based on the measurements, a life-size clay model is made. It is then transferred to a mold, which can be of Plaster of Paris or fiberglass, depending on the posture of the figure. Hot paraffin wax is poured into the mould. “Powder color is mixed with it so that the wax stays harder. Once the wax sets, we attach acrylic eyeballs, eyelashes, hair, facial hair and the like. Each hair strand is attached individually.